Heidi Vistisen - Student President



Hi, I’m Heidi and I’m the Student President at QMUSU.

I am here to make your time at QMU the best it can be. My job entails a lot of different aspects related to providing the best possible student experience. I am a representative of the student voice at university level; however for me to be able to represent students I need to make sure your voice is heard at course level and in our day to day operations. We for example do this through the Academic Council which is a forum for Class Reps.

Similar to the Academic council I also run the Equality and Diversity Forum which is open to everyone with concerns or ideas they would like to discuss and bring to our attention.

Another part of my job is to work with Cecile on our welfare services (the Helpzone). In the Helpzone you can get free condoms with the C:Card and you can get help with academic appeals or if you just need someone to listen.


In reality we do loads, but we are really just here to make sure you are all happy and enjoying being a student at QMU so please don’t be a stranger, email us, tweet us or come up and say hi we are just above the bar in the office.

Registered address: The Students' Union, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, EH21 6UU              

Telephone: 0131 474 0000

Email: union@qmu.ac.uk