Megan Richardson - Student Vice-President


Hi, my name is Megan Richardson and I’m your Student Vice-President. Together with Heidi I’ll work to help make your student experience and the Students’ Union the best it can possibly be.


I will be located in the Students Union, above Maggie’s, and my door is always open if you ever need a friendly face to help you out or to chat to.


My job role entails the management of both the Sports & Societies as well as helping to further progress and support students to my best ability. Through monitoring the progression of our clubs, I’ll be able to help develop the best possible opportunities for our students alongside our Sports Co-ordinator Aisling. I’ll also be working with our Events Co-ordinator, Conor, to organise and produce the most exciting and original events possible and make your time as a student unforgettable.


I’m extremely excited to meet our 2016 freshers alongside our returning students to set the ball rolling for another fantastic year at Queen Margaret University.

Registered address: The Students' Union, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, EH21 6UU              

Telephone: 0131 474 0000