Revised Assessment Regulations FAQs


On Friday 10th April, students were made aware of a series of measures put in place to ensure continued fairness, equity and integrity in decisions concerning academic progress and attainment. The University Senate approved of those measures and students were made aware of details through a Moderator email. Below you can find some Frequently Asked Questions about the revised arrangements.

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  1. 1. Is this a no detriment policy? 

No detriment has been interpreted differently by different institutions, but the general sentiment is that of no detriment to students marks and progression (it just isn’t called a No Detriment Policy). The revision to the regulations will ensure that no student is disadvantaged because of the current situation in their assessment marks, academic progression and awards. 

  1. 2. I have submitted an assignment which is not to my usual standard due to the current situation (working from home, caring responsibilities, Wi-Fi issues, no access to the library, etc.). Will that be taken into account 

Yes, the revised regulations are aiming to do just that. Module Coordinators will pay particular attention to cohort performance compared with the previous year, and will advise the Board of Examiners whether students have been disadvantaged by module delivery or assessment due to alternative COVID19 arrangements. If there is a drop in student performance, Boards of Examiners can scale marks up for the cohort. They will not be able to scale marks down.  

  1. 3. What happens if I fail an assessment? 

The normal published University regulations have been relaxed, so if you fail your 1st attempt at an assessment in Semester 2 of 2019/20, you will be given the chance to re-sit it as a 1st attempt. The mark you get in the resit will not be capped at either 40% (undergraduate) or 50% (postgraduate). Instead, the mark you achieve in the resit will be the mark you receiveNormally, to be allowed a resit as a first attempt, you would need to submit an appeal and demonstrate your performance has been affected for a good reason.  That will happen automatically under the revised regulations. 

If you fail a re-sit at 2nd, 3rd or 4th attempt in Semester 2 of 2019/20, you will be given the chance to resit it, which means basically you are being given an extra opportunity to resitThe capping will stay the same.   


  1. a. Failed 1st attempt at an assessment in April 2020. Will be able to resit it as another 1st attempt where you can get full marks. 

  1. b. Failed 1st attempt at an assessment in November 2019. Failed 2nd attempt in April 2020. Will be able to have another 2nd attempt, still capped at 40% (UG) or 50% (PG). 

  1. c. Failed 1st attempt at an assessment and 2nd attempt before January 2020, and failed 3rd attempt in March 2020. Will be able to have another 3rd attempt, still capped at 40% (UG) or 50% (PG).  

  1. 4. Can I still file for appeals? 

The appeals policy remains the same but students are not required to submit an appeal where they are seeking a further attempt at a module which was assessed in Semester 2 of 2019/20 - this has already been allowed for in the revised regulations 

You can still appeal on the grounds of something that is not related to the coronavirus emergency.  The grounds for appeal allowed under the University regulations are:  

  1. a. Additional information is available that was not, and could not, reasonably have been made available to the Board at the time it made its original decision and which had it been available could have led the Board to making a different decision  


  1.  b. There was a material irregularity in the procedures of the Board of Examiners or in the conduct of the assessment. 

You should still bear in mind though that, for a fail in a second semester assessments, you are already being given the chance to resit as a first attempt, which is the normal outcome of a successful academic appeal.  Please get in touch with Sacha, SU Student Representation and Support Coordinator, if you need more information about appeals at 

  1. 5. Can I still submit Extenuating Circumstances? 

If you feel like you need a short extension on an assessment because of personal reasons, which can include illness, poor mental health, and bereavement, you should submit an Extenuating Circumstances form through the Portal before the assessment date. You should not submit EC's in relation to general disruption caused by Covid-19 as this has been accounted for in the revised regulations. 

Published 15.4.20 

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