Your Students’ Union is proud to take part in Healthy Body Healthy Mind this year.

The Healthy Body Healthy Mind Awards are a partnership initiative between NUS Scotland, Think Positive and Scottish Student Sport, funded by the Scottish Government, which focus on the link between sports, physical activity, smoking prevention and mental health.

For many years, we have been dedicated to improving student mental health and wellbeing and we championed the University to commit to supporting student. Our most recent success is the development and implementation of a Student Mental Health and Wellbeing Policy, launched in October 2016.

We’ve now embarked in further developing our actions and are encouraging those involved in sports to engage with activities supporting positive wellbeing. Research has shown that physical activity can have a positive impact on your mental health. Being part of a sport club can also help develop new skills such as resilience, confidence and self esteem and strengthens your social network.

Those affected by mental ill health are also more likely to smoke and research shows that amongst smokers, one third of them are living with mental ill health. We are campaigning for a campus free of smoke as much as possible and provide support to students who wish to quit smoking. For more information please visit our Smoking Cessation webpage.


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