Guide to BUCS Fixture Administration and Forfeitures (walkovers)

Start Time:

No League or knockout round match may start before 1pm. Similarly no league match should be scheduled to finish at such a time that an away team would unnecessarily arrive back at their institution after midnight.


Notification of Fixture:

It is the responsibility of the home team to contact the visiting team in writing (email) to confirm the fixture details at least 48 hours (outside of weekends and bank holidays) prior to the fixture.


Fixtures Amendments:

Any amendments to start time, kit colours, date must be agreed with the opposition in writing (email). Amendments to venue that do not cause unreasonable impact upon travel arrangements and are communicated more than 48 hours before the fixture do not need to be agreed but must be communicated in writing (email) to the appropriate person before updating BUCScore.


Forfeited Matches:

An involuntary walkover occurs when it is considered (whether by the BUCS office or the Disciplinary Committee) that a team has forfeited on a fixture through reasons beyond the reasonable control of that team, club or Athletic Union. A voluntary walkover is deemed to have occurred when it is believed that reasonable actions undertaken by the team, club or Athletic Union of the offending institution would have prevented the forfeit. Teams, Clubs or Athletic Unions deemed to have given involuntary walkovers will, in normal circumstances, be deemed to have conceded the match but will not be deducted three points.


Abandoned Matches:

Abandoned matches are matches called off, for whatever reason, by the match official(s) once play has begun. Postponed matches are matches called off up to and including the day of the match, due to bad weather, ground conditions, bad light or other extenuating circumstances (force majeure). It is intended that postponed matches will always be replayed.)

Late Cancellation of Matches:

Where a team has to cancel a fixture within 48 hours of its agreed start time, that team will be liable for reasonable costs incurred by its opposition. The 48 hour ruling will apply regardless of whether an institution is notified of the cancellation. The 48 hour ruling will apply regardless of whether an institution is notified of the cancellation:

  • Where the away team has started their journey, only for the fixture to be postponed by either, the match official(s) or grounds staff (written evidence required), the fixture shall be replayed at the venue of the AWAY team.)


  • Where a late cancellation is required, notification must be made in writing (email) to the main AU (or equivalent body) contact. Confirmation that notification has been received must be obtained either by phone or in writing from said contact to constitute adequate notification).


  • If there are concerns that a match may be postponed (i.e. heavy rain forecast), the away team are to inform the opposition of their proposed departure time and ask that a decision be made about whether the match will take place before this proposed departure time.)


Playing Under Protest:

If a team feels, upon arrival or during a fixture, that the conditions do not adhere to those outlined in the BUCS regulations or fixture confirmation, they should complete a 'Playing Under Protest’ form as soon as the grievance is noted. If a team travels to, begins or continues a fixture with knowledge of a breach of regulations but fails to complete a Playing Under Protest form they are deemed to have accepted the conditions of play and can therefore not play under protest, nor appeal for that reason UNLESS information comes to light after the fixture has been completed.


*Refer to Regulation 12 of the BUCS Regulations for full details.


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