Sports and Societies Finance Forms

There are 4 forms in use for Sports & Societies


Claim Form  - (for form click here)

The Treasurer / Committee member from any club/society can submit a claim form for core and non-core spend. The form must be signed by two committee members. Receipts or Quotes must be provided with the claim form.

Claims in advance must be followed up with a receipt within 48 hours.

Once claim received it will be forwarded to the Vice President for authorisation, the treasurer should also be advised that the claim will be paid as soon as possible but it may take up to 48 hours to process due to availability of staff. The Vice President will then forward the form to the Finance Administrator to arrange payment.

The general rule is that anything over £50 will be paid by BACS


Match Official Receipt  - (for form click here)

This form is used to pay for umpires and referees and is for home matches only. The Treasurer / Committee member can claim the costs in advance, but we must have the signed form back within 24 hours after the match. As with Claim form it must be approved by another committee member and submitted with supporting evidence of costs.

Failure to return paperwork by the next working day may lead to the pre-payment being withdrawn.


Pay-In  - (for form click here)

Clubs & Societies must complete a pay-in form when submitting fundraising monies or donations for deposit to your Core and/or Non Core budgets. You must request to be given a receipt before leaving – this receipt must be filed and kept by the treasurer of your sport or society. 

Money should be deposited with the SU within 3 working days of being received by the club/society.


Representative Sport Funding Request   - (for form click here)

All students who are competing in representative Sport competitions must contact with the Vice President with regards to competing.

You should then complete the Representative Sport Funding form no less then 3 weeks in advance of the event attaching any backup with regards to costs should be attached to the form.

The Vice President will agree amount to be funded and depending on the amount this will be dealt with by cash or bank transfer.

The general rule is that anything over £50 will be paid by BACS.

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