School Academic Boards

Do you want to get involved with a University senior committee and feed into decision making?


We are looking for three students to join the School Academic Board ASSaM and one student to join the School Academic Board Health Sciences. The position is only open to all QMU students, undergraduate and postgraduates. You can find further information on the School Academic Board and what would be the commitment below. 

If you are interested in joining the School Academic Board please reply on and provide us with a short statement (about 100words) explaining why you would like to join the board by Tuesday 13th November 2018.


School Academic Boards


Each of the Schools has its own committee to discuss issues relevant to the particular subject areas. The Boards, or SABs, as they are more usually known, are convened by the Dean of School and the School Manager is secretary. Some examples of issues relevant to particular Schools are as follows:

The Health Sciences Board might consider placement arrangements for nurses and allied health professionals.

The Arts, Social Sciences and Management Board might look at the management skills needed for graduates in the 21st century or consider opportunities for being more creative in the curriculum.


Some of the main activities for each of the SABs are to look at the overall School plan for the year; to discuss School policies and strategies; and to look for examples of good practice – things that are working well which can be shared more widely in a group like this than would otherwise be possible. The SABs sometimes also receive presentations, for example about the National Student Survey, and give their opinion on matters that affect the University as a whole. These views are collected by the committee secretaries and looked at by Senate, the highest academic committee in the University. This provides an opportunity for a wide range of people to be involved in consultations and decision making. Finally, the Boards look at quality of individual programmes. This can be quite detailed, for example looking at changes to assessment and whether these are appropriate from a student perspective. There are several vacancies in total for undergraduate and postgraduate students on both Boards.


How often do the committees meet?
Each of the senior committees meets roughly five times per year.


Where are the meetings held?

Usually in the Boardroom, but sometimes one of the classrooms. Meetings of the Student Experience and Internationalisation Committees tend to start around 1pm and are often on a Wednesday afternoon.


What is the role of the student member?

Students can represent their peers, but also offer suggestions based on their own experiences. Students can suggest agenda items to the committee secretary and become involved in any working groups set up by the committee.


How much work is involved?

Each meting lasts about two hours. The main requirements are: to read the papers and come prepared to the meeting and to follow up on any actions you have agreed to help with. Staff recognise that this is a voluntary activity, so students will not be asked to take on any unreasonable extra work that would interfere with their studies, part-time work or other commitments.


What kind of support do student members receive?

All new members have the opportunity to meet with the committee secretary and convener to talk about their role and ask any questions they might have. Ongoing support is also provided by the SU.


What are the benefits of being a committee member?
Committee members develop important transferable skills like communication, working with colleagues in a formal setting, and ability to read and analyse a wide range of materials. This can be very useful when applying for jobs and including on CVs. Members also have the opportunity to make a positive difference to the student experience for current students and future year groups. Believe it or not, meetings can also be fun, as they provide an opportunity for networking and learning from each other!

Registered address: The Students' Union, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, EH21 6UU              

Telephone: 0131 474 0000