Unfortunately, due to the current COVID-19 situation, we had to postpone the Award Ceremony that was scheduled for the 24th of March. We'll let you know as soon as possible when it'll be. 

In the meantime, here are all the staff and students who have been nominated for an award.



Excellent Teaching

Richard Bent, Gemma Blackledge-Foughali, Andrew Bratton, Helen Coker, Paul Gilfillan, Chris Green, Geetha Marcus, Jane McCluskey, Kristen Marshall, Marc Robertson, Susanne Ross, Ann Turner, John Veto, Derek Wade, Evelyn Weir, Lois White, Marty Zeller-Jacques


Best Support Staff

Lisa Cruden, Colin Duffus, ELS, Gareth Fender, Sacha Forbes, Alison Galloway, Louise Gill, Ronnie Scott


Programme of the Year

Film & Media. Play Therapy, Podiatry, Public Sociology


Best Research Supervisor

Bryan Cruden, Rebecca Finkel, Paul Gilfillan, Dominic Hinde, Robert Munro, Linda Renton, Susanne Ross, Giorgos Tsiris


Engaging Assessment & Feedback

Robert Munro, Felix Schaeffler


Most Inspirational Staff Member

Jennifer Bingham, Sarah Bond, Gemma Blackledge-Foughali, Helen Coker, Denny Collie, Bryan Cruden, Ellison, Chris Green, Dawn Jansch, Geetha Marcus, Catherine McClintick, Joseph McIntyre, Duncan Pentland, Susanne Ross, Derek Santos, Anthony Schrag, Sara Smith, David Stevenson, Michael Stewart, Ann Turner, Evelyn Weir, Anne Williams, Robin Lindsay Wilson, Marty Zeller-Jacques



Officer of the Year

Holly Green


Outstanding Engagement

Ricarda Fillhardt, David Sutherland, Darren Whyman


Class Rep of the Year

Michelle Akramy, Maeve Devlin, Jennifer Durey, Alice Frazer, Maria Hadjipanayi, Alishba Qureshi, Emma Simmons, Catrina Steel



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