Staff Awards 2021

We all know that staff member who has had an impact on our journey at University! The Staff Awards are your chance to reward members of staff who go above and beyond to enhance your student learning experience. Lecturers, tutors, supervisors, support and administrative staff are all eligible for nomination in the STaR Awards. You may nominate as many staff as you want.

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This year the following categories of awards are opened for nominations:





Excellent Teaching

  • Makes students excited, passionate and enthusiastic about their studies and future professional environment
  • Engages students in the learning process and challenges their skills
  • Makes their subject accessible and easy to understand to students
  • Provides feedback that highlights strenghts, suggests areas for improvement and helps students progress academically

 Academic staff

 Support staff e.g. Librarians, Effective Learning Service (ELS) staff

Best Support Staff

  • Goes out of their way to provide students with the best support
  • Supports students beyond their learning experience by advising them in their student life as needed or when approached (academic and pastoral support)
  • Supports and encourages personal development and a positive student experience

 Support staff only

 e.g. Librarians, Student Services, ELS, Students’ Union (SU), School Office, Careers & Employability, International Student Support, etc.

Best Distance Teaching Staff

  • Has made excellent use of technologies to transpose face to face teaching into remote teaching
  • Has motivated and engaged students into their learning with innovative and inclusive teaching methods
  • Has supported students throughout the pandemic
  • Has developed innovative alternative assessment(s)

 Academic staff

 Support staff e.g. Librarians, ELS

Best Research Supervisor

  • Guides students to become independent in writing their dissertation, thesis or research project
  • Encourages students to think critically about their work
  • Offers excellent support throughout the dissertation or thesis writing both academically and personally

 Academic staff

The Douglas Award (Most Inspirational Staff Member)

  • Had an encouraging influence on student journey at University
  • Has had an influence on students' post graduate and career choices
  • Goes above and beyond expectations, demonstrating dedication to providing an excellent student experience

 All staff e.g.

 Academic staff

 Support staff

 SU staff

Programme of the Year

  • Modules cover a range of interesting topics and are delivered in an innovative and engaging way
  • Course content and materials are up-to-date and relate to relevant industry
  • Staff communicate well with students and work together to shape a positive learning and teaching experience
  • Programme incorporates opportunities to gain practical experience and network with industry professionals
  • Staff provide constructive feedback and support students in their personal and academic development

 All programmes UG a












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