Make weighing scale available at Sports Centre

by Shuying Hu 16 December 2018, 20:30

Category: Student wellbeing

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Having a free weighing scale at the gym will encourage more people to monitor their weight, hence taking charge of our own health. It is quite common for most gyms to have a weighing scale. It serves as a motivation when you weigh yourself in either at the beginning or end or an exercise session.

Although there are weighing scales at the Sports Centre toilets, they cost 50p and are not well-utilised (at least not amongst my friends). Putting a free weighing scale in the gym is a cheap one-off investment with no recurring costs and requires minimal maintenance. Gym-goers will definitely appreciate the gesture by QMUSU.


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    Gary Goh   wrote, 15-01-2019 - 10:55

    Great Idea! Something that is seriously lacking that is available in other colleges (eg. St Andrews)

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