Benefits of joining a Sport or Society

University is not just about studying. Taking a rest from books and classes is healthy and very important for your body and mind. It gives your brain the chance to recharge and helps you de-stress.

Joining a club or society is a good way to take your mind off exams and deadlines. It also has other benefits such as…

  • Fitness: keeping your body active as well as eating well contributes to having a healthy lifestyle, which in turns helps you to cope better with your studies, exams and what life throws at you.
  • Skills:  learning new skills through joining a new club or society helps you to improve concentration, keeps your brain in good shape and makes you happier.
  • Confidence: joining a club or society will improve your interpersonal skills and develop your confidence.
  • Friends: being part of a team or group means that you’ll meet like-minded people and make new friends. This will enrich your life and make you feel better.
  • Fun: taking part in activities is a great way to relax and have fun, which will benefit your mental health.



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