Towels on small hooks on each gym equipment for wiping before and after use

by Shuying Hu 01 April 2018, 13:58

Category: Student wellbeing

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**Update 15/05/18: Sarah MacDonald, manager of QMU Sports Centre, responded to this suggestion. Due to hygiene and cost implications, the sports centre will not be able to place individual hand towels on the gym equipment; however, members are encouraged to use the paper towels and spray to wipe down equipment after use. The Sports Centre team will look into the possibility of introducing an additional spray/dispenser at the other side of the gym.

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Hi, I have a suggest to improve the gym in the sports centre. This is something I've seen in public gyms in Japan. The machines are well-maintained because each machine has its own small towel for users to wipe before and after they work out. It doesn't cost a lot to start this system -- just a bunch of adhesive plastic hooks & towels on with small loops (and a laundry schedule, perhaps once a week?) -- but will go a long way towards extending the lifespan of the gym equipment.




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